Our memorial cards are both memorable and affordable. A pack of 10 cards starts at just $15.80. Prices include lamination which preserves and protects your cards.

  • Memorial cards come in the standard size of 2.5″ x 4.25″ plus an additional 1/8″ border of gloss laminate around the sides of the cards.
  • Paid and approved rush orders are shipped the very next day. To avoid delays, please approve your proof as soon as you receive it via e-mail.
  • You can submit an order to request a proof without proceeding to the shopping cart. If you prefer to pay right away, a proof will still be e-mailed to you (labeled “Memorial Card Order”) – orders cannot be shipped without an e-mail back from you stating you approve the proof. Please check your junk mail/spam folder if you do not see a proof in your inbox.
  • Please e-mail admin@topmemorial.com to inquire about prices for 2 personal photographs.
Quantity  Price without PhotographPrice with Photograph
10$15.80 ($1.58ea.)$19.40 ($1.94ea.)
20$26.40 ($1.32ea.)$32.40 ($1.62ea.)
30$29.10 ($0.97ea.)$35.70 ($1.19ea.)
40$38.80 ($0.97ea.)$47.60 ($1.19ea.)
50$42.00 ($0.84ea.)$51.50 ($1.03ea.)
60$50.40 ($0.84ea.)$61.80 ($1.03ea.)
70$54.60 ($0.78ea.)$67.20 ($0.96ea.)
80$61.60 ($0.77ea.)$75.20 ($0.94ea.)
90$65.70 ($0.73ea.)$81.00 ($0.90ea.)
100$70.00 ($0.70ea.)$86.00 ($0.86ea.)
110$75.90 ($0.69ea.)$92.40 ($0.84ea.)
120$78.00 ($0.65ea.)$96.00 ($0.80ea.)
130$81.90 ($0.63ea.)$101.40 ($0.78ea.)
140$88.20 ($0.63ea.)$109.20 ($0.78ea.)
150$94.50 ($0.63ea.)$117.00 ($0.78ea.)
160$99.20 ($0.62ea.)$121.60 ($0.76ea.)
170$103.70 ($0.61ea.)$127.50 ($0.75ea.)
180$106.20 ($0.59ea.)$131.40 ($0.73ea.)
190$112.10 ($0.59ea.)$138.70 ($0.73ea.)
200$116.00 ($0.58ea.)$142.00 ($0.71ea.)
210$119.70 ($0.57ea.)$147.00 ($0.70ea.)
220$125.40 ($0.57ea.)$154.00 ($0.70ea.)
230$131.10 ($0.57ea.)$161.00 ($0.70ea.)
240$134.40 ($0.56ea.)$165.60 ($0.69ea.)
250$140.00 ($0.56ea.)$172.50 ($0.69ea.)
260$145.60 ($0.56ea.)$179.40 ($0.69ea.)
270$151.20 ($0.56ea.)$186.30 ($0.69ea.)
280$156.80 ($0.56ea.)$193.20 ($0.69ea.)
290$159.50 ($0.55ea.)$197.20 ($0.68ea.)
300$159.00 ($0.53ea.)$198.00 ($0.66ea.)
310$164.30 ($0.53ea.)$204.60 ($0.66ea.)
320$169.60 ($0.53ea.)$211.20 ($0.66ea.)
330$174.90 ($0.53ea.)$217.80 ($0.66ea.)
340$180.20 ($0.53ea.)$224.40 ($0.66ea.)
350$185.50 ($0.53ea.)$231.00 ($0.66ea.)
360$190.80 ($0.53ea.)$237.60 ($0.66ea.)
370$196.10 ($0.53ea.)$244.20 ($0.66ea.)
380$201.40 ($0.53ea.)$250.80 ($0.66ea.)
390$206.70 ($0.53ea.)$257.40 ($0.66ea.)
400$212.00 ($0.53ea.)$264.00 ($0.66ea.)
410$217.30 ($0.53ea.)$270.60 ($0.66ea.)
420$222.60 ($0.53ea.)$277.20 ($0.66ea.)
430$227.90 ($0.53ea.)$283.80 ($0.66ea.)
440$233.20 ($0.53ea.)$290.40 ($0.66ea.)
450$238.50 ($0.53ea.)$297.00 ($0.66ea.)
460$243.80 ($0.53ea.)$303.60 ($0.66ea.)
470$249.10 ($0.53ea.)$310.20 ($0.66ea.)
480$254.40 ($0.53ea.)$316.80 ($0.66ea.)
490$259.70 ($0.53ea.)$323.40 ($0.66ea.)
500$265.00 ($0.53ea.)$330.00 ($0.66ea.)

We ship your cards via USPS Priority Mail at a flat rate of $8.99 on all orders. Orders placed with USPS Priority Mail are estimated to arrive within 3-6 days of shipping – this is an estimate only and can sometimes take longer.

We ship out of North Carolina. You can view the USPS Priority Mail map on the USPS website and enter 28079 for the zip code to receive an estimated delivery time. Once your package has shipped, a tracking number will be e-mailed to you. We do not ship outside of the United States at this time.

USPS Express Mail – for cards that need to get to their destination quickly, we offer express shipping for $27. Arrival time is 24 – 48 hours. This means if an order is placed Monday, for example, it will ship Tuesday and arrive either Wednesday or Thursday. If an order is placed Friday, it will arrive either Saturday or Monday. Items ordered with Express Mail are automatically prioritized.

Need more than 500 cards? Please e-mail admin@topmemorial.com to inquire about time frames and prices.